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Welcome to strata life by Rochelle Castro, the place where you should go to learn and get inspired on all matters strata. I will be talking about the five committee meeting agenda items. Remember in my last blog, I've discussed the difference between committee meetings and general meetings. This particular blog covers what should be in the agenda items of committee meetings

1. Resolution to accept the financial statements presented for the period - when I refer to the period that could mean depending on how often a committee meets so it could be the financial statement for monthly period, quarterly period, and semiannual period.

2. Resolve to provide particular instructions to the manager on surfing directions that they could make decisions on - this allows the manager to provide action items so that they don't always have to go back for each and every single item's action list. The committee could resolve to make for appointing the manager the strata manager as an agent who actions the decisions of the committee.

3. A resolution to approve maintenance or repair works for the common property which could include urgent works. The committee must make sure that when they make decisions in respect of approving maintenance or repair works that such a decision is still within their powers. Otherwise, if it's beyond their powers that means that they need to go back and hold a general meeting to have all members of the strata community make a decision in respect of the maintenance or repair works

4. Resolve to review and action dispute resolution matters if any - this is the opportunity for the committee to determine whether there had been any issues amongst residents and owners in other words neighborhood disputes that have come to the attention of the strata community. a decision should be made on whether the complaints or issues raised to them should be actioned by the strata community and what is the next action that’s ought to be taken and that could mean holding a dispute resolution meeting or deciding to have to take for their action in the matter or whether it's a matter that ought to be escalated to a tribunal or court.

5. A resolution to determine when to hold the next committee meetings and its agenda items - it is prudent that the committee determines when they should meet next so that all the committee members are informed and they could make a decision whether they could hold the meeting at an agreed time and date so that they could block off their commitments and more informed and a collection of the decision-making of all the committee members are made at the next meeting. Also, it's an opportunity to determine what are the main agenda items in the next committee meetings.

These are the 5 committee meeting agendas strata enthusiast. Remember to continue upgrading yourself.

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