5 Items that strata insurance covers

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

One of the benefits of being in a strata community is enjoying the benefits of a bulk buy of strata insurance cover. It means that each and every lot or unit property, including common property purchases strata insurance cover so that their investment is protected.

You will notice that I used the word “bulk buy” of strata insurance. “Bulk buy” refers to the owners, who are also members of the strata community to jointly purchase strata insurance cover. By jointly buying strata insurance, through a specialist strata insurance provider, your strata community will be able to get the appropriate cover that suits your community’s needs. Here are the 5 items that strata insurance covers- 1. Building replacement and or reinstatement cover – in the event that

your building needs to be repaired or replaced, if it experiences impact

damages (accident that is not excluded from the cover) you will be covered

by insurance.

2. Public liability cover – Your common property is open for use by you, your family, your guests, your tenant, their guests. The common property is also open to contractors and service provider who visit the site. Should any safety or harm is caused to them or their belongings that are left on the common property, or the damage originated from the common property, there is a likelihood that they will make a claim against your strata community. To transfer that risk, your strata community could make a public liability claim.

3. Office bearer cover – Committee or board members of your strata community are volunteers. They also make the daily decision on the operations of your strata community. It is prudent that your strata community obtains office bearer cover to protect the committee or board members from third party claims of allegations of making wrongful decisions on behalf of your strata community. There is no issue of an approved office bearer claim, as long as your committee or board members could demonstrate to the insurer that their decisions were made in the best interest of the strata community.

4. Machinery breakdown cover – If your development has a special machinery (like lifts, car stackers, car lifts or carpark roller doors) it is prudent for your strata community to get machinery breakdown cover. You should note that you can only be covered by insurance for machinery breakdown if the strata community carries out regular maintenance to the machine. Remember, that insurance will not cover you if you do not conduct regular maintenance of your asset.

5. Legal defence costs cover – Although you may think that your strata community has not had an legal issue in the past year or so, it is prudent that your strata community is covered for legal defence costs in the event that a third party makes a claim and it is necessary to defend it. Trust me, your strata community will not regret getting this cover and will be able to avoid raising a lot of funds for legal fees, that were not projected in the budget for the current financial year. There you have it strata enthusiasts – the 5 items that strata insurance covers. I hope I have inspired you to review your strata insurance cover to find out if you need that extra protection.

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