5 Resources for your strata community that could help resolve disputes

The truth is, neighbourhood disputes could occur in a strata community development.

What your strata community must do is simply consider these disputes as part and parcel of strata community living that should be dealt with by using resources that help resolve them. Here are 5 resources of your strata community that could help resolve disputes. 1. Chart with a diagram of the dispute resolution procedure

Creating a chart that illustrates the dispute resolution process, and a copy of that chart being issued to all owners and residents will contribute to a clear chain of communication and documents that are relevant in the dispute resolution process.

2. List of legal requirements to the dispute resolution process

The source of a list of legal requirements to a dispute resolution process for your strata community will depend on the legal requirements of your relevant state or territory. Create a list of these legal requirements so that it is clear to the parties of the dispute why particular documents and steps are required to be presented or produced. 3. Last annual general meeting or committee meeting minutes

At the last annual general meeting or committee meeting of your strata community, it would have been decided whether your community, any office bearer or manager are given particular delegated powers to deal with the dispute resolution process. It is prudent that the delegated powers are determined before the commencement of the dispute resolution process so that all decisions made in relation to the process are legal, which ultimately avoids wasting time and money of the strata community. 4. Platform to hold the dispute resolution meeting

Whether it is face to face or through any electronic platforms, such platform for the dispute resolution meeting should be easily accessed by the parties so that there is a fair opportunity for all parties to attend that meeting. That way, the parties are given fair opportunity to be heard, negotiate and resolve the dispute.

5. Plan of subdivision and title extract

The strata community should obtain a copy of the plan of subdivision and title extract to make sure all parties are aware of their role in the community. By being aware of the boundaries, contributions and entitlements, including the membership, the parties are provided clarity on their membership, obligations and rights in the strata community.

Could you add more to this list? We would be grateful to hear your comments, so please share your views in the comments section.

Remember – continue upgrading yourself.

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