5 Techniques on how to hold a productive general meeting

I previously shared with you the techniques on how to hold a committee meeting. This BLOG is different in that I am sharing with you the techniques on how to hold meeting with a larger crowd, the crowd where all the members of your strata community are invited to attend and vote – the general meeting. It is important to make sure that you use effective techniques to hold general meetings because if that meeting gets out of control, it is very difficult to turn it around and rectify poorly run general meetings.

Here are the 5 techniques to effectively hold a general meeting. 1. Set the agenda based on the past year’s activities and circumstances that have occurred in your strata community

When you prepare the agenda for a general meeting, part of the agenda includes a reflection on the events and circumstances that have occurred in the past year. If it is included in the agenda, your strata community is able to report on all the hard work accomplished in the past year and ongoing matters that the new committee elected (if any) will take over.

2. Send the meeting notice and agenda to all last known addresses of all members (i.e. physical address, email address, mobile numbers)

Your strata community should make sure that the meeting notice and agenda is issued to the member through effective communication method that will get these documents to their attention. The worst thing that a strata community experiences are allegations that the meeting notice and agenda were not appropriately issued, making the general meeting invalid. 3. At the general meeting, held in any platform (i.e. face to face, by video conference or by phone conference), make sure there is an efficient method of noting attendance, absences, proxies and apologies

Noting attendance should simply not eat up too much time. Depending on the meeting platform that your strata community uses, make sure an efficient method of taking attendance is planned well before the meeting is held. This may include putting a team together to help take attendance and the team is briefed on the process.

4. At the beginning of the meeting, inform the attendees of the policy or code of conduct on how to behave at the meeting

By setting the tone of the meeting with clarifying the policy or code of conduct of all attendees at the meeting, your strata community could made it clear that the general meeting is held in a businesslike manner.

5. Set an efficient method of counting the votes

The worst thing that could happen in the meeting, most especially for large strata communities is if the method of counting votes goes to disarray. You should make sure that even before the voting commences, it is clear to all voting members how the votes are counted. That way, your strata community demonstrates that the general meeting is effectively and efficient held and carried out. Strata enthusiasts, with these 5 techniques that I have shared on how to hold a productive general meeting, I have no doubt that your next general meeting will be very accomplished and benefit all its members, which, ultimately helps protect and increase the value of your real estate investment. Strata enthusiasts, I will keep encouraging you to - continue upgrading yourself!

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