Annual General Meeting agenda items

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In particular legislations, there are basic items that need to be covered in AGM agendas I will feature the 5 foundational items that should be covered in your AGM agenda

1. A resolution to renew or confirm your strata managers contract of appointment it’s important for all the members of your strata community to either confirm or determine whether it wishes to renew its strata manager's contract of appointment that way you could is considered at the budget that also going to be resolved at the same meeting. 2. Resolve to renew the strata insurance cover the members of your strata community should know the particular in the insurance cover to determine whether it ought to renew the same coverage of strata insurance that way the members are given an opportunity to determine whether they want to increase, maintain, or decrease their insurance premium as it affects the budget that's going to be passed at that particular meeting.

3. A resolution to raise a budget for the next financial year the members should review the proposed budget its breakdown for the next financial year so that it understands what should be passed as a budget for the next financial year it's also prudent the members of the strata community consider in putting a buffer to their budget to avoid unnecessary special levies and so that they can personally plan their own budget for the year.

4. A resolution to charge penalty inches to members who do not pay their shared contribution on time this is something that I recommend that the members of the strata community consider this allows for members to pay online to be recognized and to penalize members who do not pay their share on time. 5. Fifth agenda item is a resolution to approve maintenance or repair works for the common property it's important that when all the members of the strata community gather at this meeting, they understand what aspects of the common property requires repair or require maintenance or recurring maintenance that way they have a clear understanding of where the funding goes.

There you have it Strata enthusiast these are the 5 AGM agenda items consider them at your next annual general meeting. Until the next Strata Enthusiast. Remember, continue upgrading yourself.

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