Benefits of living in a strata community

Financial, legal and ethical obligations. Financial, legal and ethical management. When strata enthusiasts talk about what it is like living in a strata community, most people usually talk about the obligations, the levy contributions, the work required to be part of a strata community. That said, there are absolutely many benefits of living in a strata community. Here are what in our view some of the benefits of living in a strata community. 1. Helps maintain the property value

Since the common property is well maintained, it positively impacts the real estate value of the property. There is a greater chance of being assured that your real estate value will continue to increase because the shared assets are well-maintained.

2. Financial stability

Your strata community is financially stable and is able to continuously repair and maintain the common property, which ultimately keeps up the value of your real estate asset. 3. Opportunity to service the community

Being part of a strata community gives you the opportunity to volunteer and contribute for the benefit of the community. In addition, you are provided with the opportunity to have a deeper connection with the community. 4. Available support

In the event that you experience a neigbourhood dispute, the strata community could step in to support and assist with resolving the dispute. It becomes very difficult if you not only experience a neighbourhood dispute, but also if you could not find the appropriate support within the community to resolve the issue.

5. Access to common amenities and facilities

Whether it is a common tennis court, gym, pool, recreation centre, depending on what is available in your development, one of the great benefits in living in a strata community is unlimited access to the common amenities and facilities, which makes you enjoy more living in a strata community.

These are only 5 of the many benefits of living in a strata community.

What do you think are other benefits of living in a strata community? We would be grateful if you share your thoughts in the comments section.

Living in a strata community is definitely a lifestyle that has been carefully designed so that its members could live harmoniously and enjoy their real estate investment and common assets.

Strata enthusiasts, until next time – remember to - continue upgrading yourself.

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