New pathway to permanent residency for Hong Kong passport holders

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

In August 2020, the Department of Home Affairs announced that new visa arrangements for Hong Kong students, temporary graduates and skilled workers have come into effect.

Up to 10,000 Hong Kong passport

holders in Australia will be able to extend their stay for five years and apply to remain in Australia on a permanent basis.

What this means:

· Hong Kong passport holders who held a Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) or Temporary Skilled Shortage (subclass 482 or 457) visa from 9 July 2020 will automatically have that visa extended for five years.

· Current and future students from Hong Kong will be eligible for a five year Temporary Graduate

visa on the successful completion of their tertiary studies. Applicants will still need to meet the usual requirements of this visa, including meeting the Australian Study Requirement.

· Hong Kong passport holders who apply for a temporary skilled visa will be eligible for a five year visa if they have qualifications listed on the occupational skills lists and meet Labour Market Testing requirements.

Those Hong Kong passport holders who have received the five-year extension, or who are granted a five year visa, are also eligible for permanent residency upon completion of their five years, provided all relevant character, security and health checks are satisfied.

For those who study at a regional campus and decide to live and work in regional Australia, the pathway to permanent residency will be available after three years.

If you are a Hong Kong passport holder and a highly talented individual looking to expand your expertise into Australia and obtain permanent residency, contact us today for an assessment!

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