Techniques on how to hold a productive committee meeting

Of all the meetings that your strata community holds, it is the committee meetings that you will hold the most. This is because committees make the decisions on daily operations of your strata community. So, it is important to know effective techniques on how to hold your committee meetings. 1. Set an agenda

It’s not only crucial but also a compliance requirement for your committee to set an agenda before calling the meeting. The agenda will allow the other committee members notice to prepare for the items to be discussed at the meeting. It will also allow them to research about the agenda items so as to achieve a robust discussion and informed decision making of the committee.

2. Invite the right people in the committee meeting

Obviously, all committee members should be invited to the meeting. I don’t mean that. I mean, the committee should determine if they should be inviting experts to the meeting so that they could be better guided on crucial matters, prior to making a vote.

3. Prior to calling the meeting, seek the other members’ views, if they are available for the meeting or if they intend to appoint a proxy.

The worst thing in a meeting, is if most of the committee members cannot attend. Enquire with the committee members if they could make the scheduled meeting so that it could be determined if another time and date should be set or if proxy appointment is appropriate.

4. Determine the appropriate platform for the meeting (depending on the agenda items and attendees)

There are different platforms (like face to face, video conference, phone conference, ballot).

Your committee should carefully consider which platform best suits your next meeting, which should also depend on the agenda items. Ofcourse, should you also consider if your committee members could access that platform on the set date and time of the meeting.

5. At the meeting, set a table for list of actions

The purpose of your committee meeting, is to make decisions. Ofcourse, you expect that, that particular committee meeting will not be the last meeting that your committee will hold. To make sure that there is a follow through, your committee should create a table for list of actions, so that at the next committee meeting, your committee tracks which agenda item is complete, ongoing or requires further assessment and determination. Strata enthusiasts, with these 5 techniques that I have shared on how to hold a productive committee meeting, I have no doubt that your committee will be very accomplished, which ultimately helps protect and increase the value of your real estate investment. I will keep encouraging you to - continue upgrading yourself!

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