Types of communication received by a Strata Manager

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There are various types and various types of people that the strata manager communicates with but what I will be raising are in my view the type 5 communications received by your strata manager daily.

1. Committee communication - these are usually instructions given by the committee or follow-up on actions being taken on behalf of the committee. it is common that the strata manager would often hear from your committee.

2. Occupy your communication - there are many reasons why an occupier would contact a strata manager or what we know as a resident. some of them include maintenance issues or even neighborhood complaints. from time to time, it is inevitable that your strata manager would receive the occupier or resident communication.

3. Contractor communication - there are many reasons why a strata manager would exchange communication with a contractor of the strata community. this would include but is not limited to giving instructions getting progress reports and even seeking advice. from time to time the contractor and the strata manager would work together to fulfill the instructions and needs of your strata community.

4. Professional communication - professional providers similar to contractors from time to time as the strata community requires our needs communicates with a strata manager similar to contractors this would include but not limited to giving instructions getting progress reports by the Strata manager or even seeking advice from the professional provider.

5. Insurer communication - there are many reasons that the strata manager would communicate with the insurer, and these include but are not limited to the following: making an insurance claim, seeking advice in relation to insurance, or renewing an insurance contract according to the last resolution passed by the strata community at the annual general meeting.

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