RC & Co Lawyers provide services in property.


Not only do we carry out conveyancing matters where we represent any party including transfers of land from one to another, but we also provide services in respect of all complex matters that relate to property through legal disputes by representation in court and tribunals


We provide thorough and helpful legal services to solve technical disputes.


with RC & CO Lawyers

If you are in Australia, it pays to get the right conveyancer whether you are buying or selling property. RC & Co Lawyers will help to make the process as smooth, streamlined and headache-free as possible.

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RC & Co Lawyers provide services in the subfield of Strata & Subdivision.


In this area of law, our firm provides guidance to owners, owners corporations (body corporate), residents and service providers on matters relating to owners corporation disputes. Guidance is provided through legal advice and representation in tribunal or court hearings. We also provide guidance by attending and or communicating with the relevant stakeholders in that industry.


RC & Co Lawyers also provides advice and guidance in transactional work on matter relating to subdivision.

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