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Rochelle Castro specialises in strata, construction, commercial and property litigation and complex transactions. 

Rochelle Castro experience includes 14 years working in boutique to mid-tier firms in Victoria, Western Australia and New South Wales. Those appointments includes complex litigation, advisory and transactions for various stakeholders in the strata, construction, commercial and property industries where she assumed the role of Lawyer and now Principal Lawyer.

Rochelle Castro holds a Juris Doctor degree and is currently completing her Masters in Construction Law and is a trainer and speaker in the strata industry and committee member in various groups in the Law Institute of Victoria.  She is also featured in various magazines and national newspapers that are available online where she speaks about the areas that she specialises such as strata, property and commercial matters.  Her previous career as a university lecturer strengthens her ability to communicate not only to her clients but also to various industries’ stakeholders during training and speaking engagements.

She is effective, resourceful and clear as a legal advocate and advisor.  Rochelle Castro understands that her clients must be given value when they seek her legal services and such value includes educating them about their best legal options.

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